Thanks for asking this question Richard. I also am interested in hearing
what sort of EAD<->MARC utilities might already exist. Mostly as an
experiment, I have written a Perl script that uses XML::Parser to pull
relevant information out of an EAD document and present it as an
interpreted MARC record. It relies heavily upon the 'encodinganalog'
attribute, and at the moment it doesn't figure out the MARC indicators. I
would like to fix it up so that it could create a true MARC record in
transmission format, and then possibly go the other way and create a
skeleton EAD document out of a MARC record...but it sure would be nice if
someone has already done this.

If you want to see how this converter is currently working you can test it
out at by selecting an
XML file to convert by clicking on the adjacent 'create MARC' button. If
you are curious to see the code just let me know.

Ed Summers
Old Dominion University Library
Norfolk, Virginia.

Date:    Wed, 9 Jun 1999 17:57:49 -0700
From:    Richard Rinehart <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: converting MARC query


I'm writing to ask if anyone on this group has experience or knowledge of
tools and sites I can visit that can help with converting USMARC formatted
records to and from other formats (EAD, MARC XML DTD, etc). I've seen the
topic come up in reference on this list, and now have a working need for
both our institution and for an EAD project to find some solutions.

Any references would be much appreciated; thanks!

Richard Rinehart
Information Systems Manager & Education Technology Specialist
Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
@ University of California
& President, Museum Computer Network,