Here is one solution in two steps with two options.

The first step is to transform records in MARC transmission format into the
MARC DTD.  LC has a Perl script that does this available at their MARC site.
A firm called Legos has a freeware converter as well.  I believe the address

The next step is to convert the records from the MARC DTD to EAD.  There are
two possiblities.  One is to use an XSL stylesheet and an XSTL
transformation processor like James Clark's XT.    IBM just announced last
week a product that does DTD to DTD tranformations without a stylesheet.
There should be something at their site about it or check

Both of these approaches could be used to tranform EAD records into MARC as

<shamelessPlug>This process is described in the forthcoming EAD Application


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> Hello,
> I'm writing to ask if anyone on this group has experience or knowledge of
> tools and sites I can visit that can help with converting USMARC formatted
> records to and from other formats (EAD, MARC XML DTD, etc). I've seen the
> topic come up in reference on this list, and now have a working need for
> both our institution and for an EAD project to find some solutions.
> Any references would be much appreciated; thanks!
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