We are working on conversion between MARC and EAD in at EU project called
MALVINE ( Our part of the project, is a study to
investigate the possibilities of SGML/XML encoding of catalogues over
collection of manuscript and letters. We have decide to use EAD, and I have
made a Perl script covertting from various catalogue formats to EAD (and
back again, but that part is still just a draft). Among these catalogues
formats are UNIMARC/UKMARC/USMARC and the RNA/MAB-2 (common in Germany).
The tools I have made are not capable of converting any kind of MARC
records, but is focused on the MARC encoding used by catalogues over
manuscript and letters (not books and other materials).

At the time being the EAD samples we have made is only available for the
partners of the project, but we are planning to let the tools be public
under the GNU license.

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At 17:57 -0700 09.06.99, Richard Rinehart wrote:
>I'm writing to ask if anyone on this group has experience or knowledge of
>tools and sites I can visit that can help with converting USMARC formatted
>records to and from other formats (EAD, MARC XML DTD, etc). I've seen the
>topic come up in reference on this list, and now have a working need for
>both our institution and for an EAD project to find some solutions.
>Any references would be much appreciated; thanks!
>Richard Rinehart
>Information Systems Manager & Education Technology Specialist
>Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
>@ University of California
>& President, Museum Computer Network,