I am working on converting of catalogues over manuscripts and letters into
EAD. In one of the source catalogues words as "the" and "y" (Spanish "and")
and so one, are written like this:

"The" Struggle of the Austrian People
"La" Rosa de los Vientos

This is to mark them as "no words" (I am not sure if this is the right
term), so that the "no word" should not be part of the index or key words.

First I thought I might put the data without the "no word" into the NORMAL
attribute, but in most of the cases this is the unittitle-element, which do
not have a NORMAL attribute:

<unittitle>"The" Struggle of the Austrian People</unittitle>

It will of course be possible to remove the "", and write:

<unittitle>The Struggle of the Austrian People</unittitle>

There might of course also be left to the searching application to have a
set of words to ignore, but I prefer to keep the information about these
words if it is possible. Any ideas out there?

Vennlig hilsen

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