In guides I've marked up, I've run across family
trees, but not the graphic kind.  The family trees
look like this:
    Thomas Jefferson m. Martha Wayles Skelton
        daughter Martha Jefferson m. Thomas Mann
                 son Thomas Jefferson Randolph
        daughter Patsy Jefferson m. Francis Eppes

These types of trees I've marked up with nested lists.
 It can get complicated tagging in this way; I would
often map out the nesting of commands before doing the
actual tagging.

Fortunetly these lists would appear in my
institution's guides in a biography section.  But I
would consider the information biographical in nature.

From the nature of your question I assume that you are
discussing a graphic family tree, i.e. a tree with
lines indicating relationships.  It would probably be
best to convert the tree to an image file and then
link to the encoded guide.

Elizabeth Slomba
(starting on Monday) Archivist, University of New Hampshire
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