Here's another of those complementary websites....

The Library of Virginia has updated its website.  This website includes a
digital library program.

I found the WPA Life Histories, which were produced by the Virginia branch
of the WPA, very interesting.  In general, they are longer than those in
American Memory. They are not transcribed, but they are fairly well indexed
and most are typewritten, so they're still pretty legible.  At first, I
didn't think one could browse the subjects, but I found that when you
"search" by subject, you are presented with a section subject heading
browse list close in alphabetical order to your search.

Some other materials include...
... a collection of photographs of school buildings from 1920.
... a collection of questionnaires (indexed with page images) of WWI vets
from Virginia--four pages long for soldiers/sailors and two pages long for
...a WWII-era collection of photos taken in and around the port of Hampton
Roads relating to the war
...Confederate disability applications, including requests and receipts of
artificial limbs.

As you can see, there is some variety here, although in many cases, biased
toward Virginia History.  But the attitudes probably represent a general
southern bias.

Anyway, here's the press release that appeared in my inbox last week.  Send
questions and comments directly to the Library of Virgninia.  There's an
email address on the digital library home page.



The Library of Virginia is pleased to announce a new design
for its Web site and the Web site's new address at
<>. The new design helps users get
information quickly and easily and offers a clearer picture
of the extent of the collections, programs and services of
the Library.

The Web site includes both an "index" and "search this
site" option. Major categories allow users to access
information about:  the Library, the collections, services
for public and other libraries, services for K-12 teachers,
services for state agencies and state and local government,
the Digital Library Program and services for the public.

Much of what the Library had on its old site has been
updated and moved to the new site. New information has been
added based on input from staff and patrons. Please take a
moment to visit the Library's site at its new address. We
hope that you will find the new design helpful. Also,
please share this message with others as appropriate. Thank

Jan Hathcock
Public Relations Coordinator
Library of Virginia
800 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219-8000
Audrey Kelly, Technology Consultant
Library of Virginia
800 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219-8000
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