Hi Fellows,
As you know the 1999 institute is less than 2 weeks away. This is your
chance to speak to them.  Think back through your experiences with American
Memory and *the lesson*....

What would you like to say to them about developing a lesson?  What advice
would you give?

What would you like us to say to them as new Fellows, meeting each other
and us Library folk for the first time?  What advice would you give them to
help them make the best use of the week?

Mike Federspeil and I will have one-half hour on Sunday to talk about
lessons and expectations.  We would be happy to pass along the voices of
Fellows who've been there, done that.

So, sweep those summer cobwebs aside and think pithy and sage for a few
moments and send those comments!

Judy, m.h.
ps - yesterday was 104 degrees; today is not supposed to break 100 (we'll
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