It's vacation time.  If you want to suspend your AMfellows mail while
you're away from your computers, the instructions are included below.

Also, many schools take their email servers down for summer upgrades, etc.
When it happens to Amfellows list members, it causes yours truly to get
error messages in response to every message posted to the list.  If your
mailbox is full (according to your local administrator's standards) the
same problems appear. After a few of these incidents, the listserv software
will automatically delete you from the list and then I have to go in and
manually add you back after what I guess is an appropriate amount of time.
I don't much mind doing this, but it's much more efficient (especially for
me) to have you folks suspend your listserv mail before the upgrade or
vacation and then start it up again afterward.

To do this, send a message to:

[log in to unmask]

Leave the subject and signature blank.  In the body of the message, type:


If you want to temporarily suspend Amfellows messages for vacation or while
your mail server will be down.

Then send this command to the same address:

SET Mail

to re-start Amfellows message delivery after time on "NOMail" status.

If you are surprised to learn that your server has gone down and it looks
like you got dropped (by the software, not me) from the list, let me know
when your server comes back up so that I know when to add you back to the
list.  Also, if anybody out there wants to switch the account where you get
you Amfellows mail, let me know about that too.  In both cases, send the
message directly to me, not the list <mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

Have a wonderful rest of the summer!



   Elizabeth L. Brown, Reference Librarian, etc.
   National Digital Library Program, LIBN/NDL/VC(1330)
   Library of Congress, Washington, DC  20540-1330
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