I was one of the 50 fellas who had the great joy of being where you guys
are now.
I look back on that week as the greatest professional experience of my life.
While this might seem like a rather grand statement, I'm sure most of the
98 fellows can 2nd the motion and I'll bet you'll feel the same way.

About our creation:
It was supposed to be 1 lesson but it grew during the week and even more
during the year to where it is now so large its not a lesson plan, its a

Lesson in this: follow Joyce's recomendation - keep it small.

Not that there is anything *wrong* with our lesson, its just that we
created so much that no sane person could ever use all of it without
becoming *in*sane.

Have fun, and enjoy he Contra dance!

BTW: to see the result of what we did - the part that we were able to *do,*
see the site listed in my signature!

The kids were really changed and so was I by the entire experience: the
LOC, my kids and what we created!

Ron Stoloff

If the gods had intended Man to fly, they wouldn't have given us railroads.

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