Invitation to Apply for Training the BIBCO Trainer (TTBT) Workshop

The PCC Steering Committee has approved a request from the PCC Standing
Committee on Training and the BIBCO Operations Committee to schedule a
new round of training for BIBCO trainers at the Library of Congress,
October 13-15, 1999.  The role of BIBCO trainer is vital to the success
of the BIBCO program which emphasizes the development of cataloger
judgement and decision making skills in the creation of timely and
usable cataloging records.  The PCC is now seeking experienced NACO
catalogers to participate in the TTBT to increase the number of regional
trainers which will enable the Program to continue to reach the broadest
number of participants.

The curriculum will be presented by experienced BIBCO trainers and a
facilitator who  will provide instructional/facilitation techniques of
presentation and delivery skills, adult learning theory, training
styles, and a review of the content of the revised BIBCO training
materials focusing on non-book cataloging.  The same requirements for
application and selection will obtain for this workshop as for other PCC

1.  Nominees should come from active, independent NACO libraries.

2.  Trainers agree to be available to accept training assignments twice
each calendar year.

3.  If the institution of the prospective trainer is not a BIBCO
participant, the institution must commit to becoming the first
institution trained by the new Trainer upon completion of this workshop.
This training counts toward fulfillment of the trainers' assignment for
the first year.

4.  The letter (or e-mail) of application should include a brief general
statement of background and qualifications, and provide evidence of
institutional support for:
a.)  Travel costs for attendance at the workshop
b.)  Expenditure of time to include preparation prior to providing
training to a new BIBCO participant, 4-5 days travel time to provide the
training, and follow up review and counseling.
(The evidence can be a simple statement including the name and address
of the supervisor to facilitate the return of a letter of acceptance)

5.  Failure to accept at least one training a year or to provide
assistance with review of cataloging will result in the trainer being
dropped from the roster.

6.  Failure to provide timely review of a new BIBCO library's work  will
result in the trainer being dropped from the roster.

7.  The commitment to be a PCC trainer is not term-limited and can be
discontinued at the trainer's or the PCC's discretion.

Send your expression of interest to: Ana Cristán, Cooperative Cataloging
Team, Library of Congress, at [log in to unmask], by July 30th, 1999.