Hi all,

Yes, I realize I sent my concerned message to all of you.  I knew it the
moment I received a message telling me I had sent a message to all 156 of
you!  I am so very sorry (and quite embarassed)....I'm sure you're not at
all concerned about my dilemma...but I'm sure Karen will be!!

Please accept my apology. I will make sure I never reply to a message again
without double checking the address. However, since I have your eyes for
the moment, just a note for the '99 Fellows.  Sue and I conducted our first
American Memory session at the Midwest Internet Institute two weeks ago.
All participants were happy to hear about the collections and most
importantly....about the learning page.  Beginning tomorrow we will be
inservicing the teachers in our building...I'm sure they'll all be as
excited as we are!!

Hope all is well....again I apologize.