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DUBLIN, Ohio, July 28, 1999--OCLC has created an ILL Interoperability Task
Force to investigate the needs of OCLC member libraries for interlibrary
loan system interoperability and to advise OCLC on which methods should be

Shirley Baker, vice chancellor for Information Technology and dean of
University Libraries, Washington University, will chair the task force,
which includes staff from OCLC member libraries who can provide independent
perspectives on the issues and who represent different types of libraries,
including research libraries, national libraries, college and university
libraries, public libraries and consortia libraries.

Task force members are:  Tammy Nickelson Dearie, director, Access and
Delivery Services, University of California; Bettina Meyer, assistant dean,
Resources, Western Michigan University; Harry E. Samuels, assistant
university librarian, Information Technology, Northwestern University
Library; Sarah Simpson, interlibrary loan supervisor, Tulsa City-County
Library System; Carol Smale, director, Resource-Sharing Services, National
Library of Canada; and Chris Wright, chief, Loan Division, Library of
Congress.  Ms. Dearie, Ms. Meyer and Mr. Wright have served on the OCLC
Resource Sharing Advisory Committee.

"ILL is a key success factor for libraries," said Ms. Baker.  "Critical
challenges are to harness user energy and system interoperability, while
elevating staff intervention to establishing policies and dealing with
complex exceptions.  OCLC has made great contributions in helping libraries
succeed.  The challenge of the OCLC Interoperability Task Force is to advise
OCLC on supporting libraries and guaranteeing its own international

"As more OCLC member libraries use multiple resource sharing systems,
interoperability and standards issues have moved to the forefront," said
Georgia Brown, vice president, OCLC product development.

"We are pleased and grateful that these influential ILL experts have agreed
to serve on the task force," said Connie Zuga, vice president, OCLC
Marketing--Reference and Resource Sharing.

The task force will explore current and future workflow issues and forward a
report and recommendations to OCLC.  OCLC will publish the task force report
and use the recommendations to guide it on matters of system

More information on task force objectives
is at <>

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