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The Mary Ann Series and Other Books
by Catherine Cookson (1906-1998)

No. NSS 84-8
Revised July 1999


The industrial Tyneside region of northern England is a land
of coal mines, shipyards, chemical works, and working-class
people who labor under bad conditions of noise, stench, and
danger, returning nightly to their tenements.  This is the
area that British novelist Catherine Cookson knew well.  She
was born in 1906 in Tyne-Dock, a dock on the Tyne River
lined with factories, and grew up in poverty with her ailing
grandmother, stepfather, and alcoholic, unmarried mother.
She met her husband, Tom Cookson, when he was a lodger in a
house she had managed to buy as a young woman.  When the
tragedy of losing four children caused her to have a nervous
breakdown, her husband encouraged her to write, and she
became one of Britain's most popular writers.  Mrs. Cookson
produced more than forty books, which have been translated
into eight languages.  In 1985, she was made an officer of
the Order of the British Empire, or the OBE.  In 1993, she
was made a dame, the female equivalent of a knight.  She
died in June 1998 and was followed by her devoted husband
just seventeen days later.

The Mary Ann series acquaints readers with the captivating,
whimsical Mary Ann Shaughnessy from the age of eight through
her school days, first romance, marriage, and motherhood.
Through the adventures of the heroine, readers gain a vivid
picture of working-class life displayed upon a realistically
painted background of industrial Tyneside.

All of the Mary Ann books have been published in Germany,
Holland, and Italy.  The first book of the series, A Grand
Man,was made into a film titled Jacqueline.

Also included here are the Mallen Trilogy and Tilly Trilogy.
The historical Mallen Trilogy was Cookson's first big
success.  Covering a period from 1851 to World War I, this
series follows the callous and high-living lives of the
Mallens of High Banks Hall, who had fathered illegitimate
sons all across the Northumberland countryside for more than
one hundred years.  The family trait, a distinctive shock of
white hair running down to the left temple, known as the
Mallen Streak, marked their parentage.  The Tilly Trilogy
begins in the English mining country during the late
nineteenth century and follows Tilly Trotter from the time
she is orphaned as a teenager to her remarriage after being

The books in each series are listed in the order they should
be read according to Sequels: An Annotated Guide to Novels,
2d. ed. Dates indicate original dates of publication.
Following the series are other books also written by
Catherine Cookson, in alphabetical order.  All of the books
listed in this minibibliography are available from NLS
library collections.

Mary Ann Series

A Grand Man
Eight-year-old Mary Shaughnessy's father is the "grand
man" she adores, although he drinks too much.  Her faith in
him is finally justified when, with help, her father finds
work on the land instead of England's Tyne River docks.
RD 13920     BR 3542

Lord and Mary Ann
Plucky nine-year-old Mary Ann Shaughnessy assumes
responsibility for keeping her father from drinking when the
family moves to a small farm and her father accepts a job as
a farmhand for a cranky old man.  1975
RD 13921

The Devil and Mary Ann
To secure a job of importance and respect for her
father on her benefactor's farm, nine-year-old Mary Ann goes
off to convent school to become a "lady."  At the school
Mary Ann encounters loneliness, becomes acquainted with
enemies, and receives tear-stained letters from her brother
hinting that their father is having an affair with another
farmer's wife.  1958
RD 13922     BR 3569

Love and Mary Ann
An irrepressible country lass with three years of
boarding school behind her begins to discover the mystery,
wonder, and woes of love.  1976
RD 10741

Life and Mary Ann
At seventeen, Mary Ann still loves her childhood
sweetheart, Corny Boyle.  He goes to America, however, apparently
leaving the field wide open for Tony, the grandson of Mary
Ann's benefactor.  1962
RD 13894

Marriage and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Shaughnessy, the irrepressible child of
Tyneside, is to marry Corny Boyle, her childhood sweetheart,
in five weeks.  Everything should be lovely, but few things
in life go smoothly for the tempestuous Shaughnessy family.
RD 13868

Mary Ann's Angels
Eight years have passed since Mary Ann Shaughnessy
married her childhood sweetheart, Corny Boyle, and they are now
the proud but bewildered parents of six-year-old twins.
Real trouble lies ahead for the family as the parents
disagree on how to handle the hardly angelic twins.
RD 13918

Mary Ann and Bill
The concluding story about indomitable Mary Ann
Shaughnessy of Tyneside finds her a proper wife and mother
of scrappy twins.  But her problems aren't over yet, what
with a new terror of a puppy, a husband still susceptible to
temptation, and growing pains with the twins.  1967
RD 13919

Mallen Trilogy

The Mallen Streak
All of Thomas Mallen's sons are extravagant and (except
for one) illegitimate, and all have inherited a flash of
white hair down the left temple known as the "Mallen
Streak."  An attempt to save the family from financial ruin
in 1851 fails, bringing disgrace upon them all.  1973
RD 8248     BR 2200

The Mallen Girl
Barbara, the totally deaf and very spoiled ward of Miss
Brigmore, is jealous of her rival, Sarah, and pushes her
into a pit bristling with sharp, rusted machinery.  Sarah
lives through the loss of her leg, and the slap Barbara
receives restores her hearing.  1973
RD 6875

The Mallen Lot
Continues the saga of the Mallen family during the
early 1900s, focusing on Barbara's illicit love affair
andthe romances of her children.  1974
RD 8200     BR 2798

Tilly Trilogy

During the early reign of Queen Victoria, teenage
orphan Tilly Trotter lives with her widowed grandmother, who
dies after their place is set afire.  Homeless Tilly is
hired by mine owner Mark Sopwith to be nursemaid to his four
rambunctious children, whom she is able to handle.  Later
she becomes Mark's housekeeper, and affection grows into
love. Some strong language.  1980
RD 15573    BR 4703

Tilly Wed
Continues the saga of love and adversity of the English
beauty.  Pregnant and with her lover dead, Tilly is spared
further persecution from the Sopwith family and the
villagers when Mark Sopwith marries her and sweeps her off
to Texas. She manages to triumph over the rigorous life, her
husband's jealous uncle, and the threats of Indian attacks.
Some strong language.  1981
RD 15665

Tilly Alone
Widowed Tilly Trotter, how in her fifties and still a
handsome woman, returns to England with two children after
Comanche Indians kill her husband on the Texas frontier.
When Tilly sees her childhood sweetheart again after many
years, she begins to regret a promise she made her beloved
husband on his deathbed.  1982
RD 17581     BR 5046

Other Books by Catherine Cookson

The Bailey Chronicles
Fiona Nelson, a young widow trying to raise her three
children alone, takes in a male boarder, Bill Bailey, much
to her mother's horror.  Bill and the children get along
fine, and he and Fiona soon decide to marry.  Together they
face many troubles: one of the children is kidnaped,
Fiona gets appendicitis, Bill has problems on his
construction site, and they have a daughter with Down
syndrome.  1988
RC 29900

The Bannaman Legacy
In the Northumberland area of England, a lover, a
husband, and a wife struggle to free themselves from a
haunting, bittersweet past. Roddy Greenback is an artist
with a terrible secret that haunts his dreams; Mary Ellen
Lee is a young girl with a reckless passion for Roddy; and
Hal Royston works the harsh land to make a successful life
for himself and his family.  Strong language.  1985
RC 29755

The Black Candle
Northern England, 1883. Young Joe Skinner has become
manager of the boot-polish factory owned by Bridget
Mordaunt.  Joe has just married Lily Whitmore, who is
pregnant by nobleman Lionel Filmore, and they hope to settle
down to a happy life together.  Then Joe is accused of
murder and hanged--leaving Lily with a young son.  Bridget
takes her in along with her son, Joseph, and a whole new
generation face their share of trials and tribulations.
RC 31175

The Black Velvet Gown
Maria, a strong nineteenth-century widow, struggles for
personal fulfillment for herself and education for her
children.  The story focuses on Maria and her daughter
Biddy, both of whose aspirations reach beyond what is
acceptable for their class.  1984
RC 21172

The Blind Miller
Young Sarah feels grateful to David, the husband who
lifted her from working-class squalor by marrying her.  But
she feels reckless passion for his handsome, willful
brother, who has dominated David his whole life long.  1963
RC 19637

The Cinder Path
Charlie MacFell travels from a rural boyhood in
Edwardian England to the trenches of World War I before he
finds himself.  Married to the wrong woman and traumatized
by war, he finally achieves self-liberation through reunion
with a first love.  1978
RC 12487

The Dwelling Place
Set in England in the 1840s.  Cissie, an orphan who
must care for her nine brothers and sisters, has a baby by
the local lord's son.  She is forced to relinquish her child
to save her sister from imprisonment.  1971
RC 15114

The Gambling Man
Nineteenth-century rags-to-riches tale of the English
gambler Roy Conner.  Conner, who is a rent collector, and
his childhood sweetheart, a governess, struggle for
respectability until skills at playing poker lead them to
richer pastures and violence.  1975
RD 9931

The Girl
Trapped by her illegitimate birth and abused by her
stress, at sixteen the plucky heroine submits to an
unhappy marriage. Somehow she survives and eventually finds
her heart's desire.  1977
FD 10840     BR 3542

Hannah Massey
Hannah Massey is a fiercely ambitious woman who would
use anyone--husband, sons, grandchild, or her beautiful
daughter, Rosie--to gain social acceptability.  Rosie is
caught between the man she loves and her mother, who hates
him.  Some strong language.  1964
RD 18242

The Harrogate Secret
This romance, set in a nineteenth-century town outside
of Newcastle, centers around the lives of three people:
Freddie Musgrave, who lives with his poverty-stricken family
and earns money by running errands and delivering small
packages; an infant he rescues one night while on an errand;
and Maggie Hewitt, a local businesswoman, who in turn
rescues Freddie and the infant.  Some strong language.  1988
 RC 28622

The Invisible Cord
Pregnancy forces Annie to marry good-natured but
slow-witted George.  Her love for her first-born son blinds
Annie to reality and finally brings tragedy on the whole
family.  Some strong language.  1975
RD 8540

The Invitation
Though Maggie is enthralled by her handsome new husband
and his dynamic business success, she discovers a shameful
secret in his life that threatens their marriage.  1974
RC 8544

Katie Mulholland
A story of revenge and love, set in Victorian England.
Katie is sixteen years old and working as a scullery maid
for the Rosier family when she is raped by the son, Bernard,
on the night of his engagement.  From that time on, Katie
carries within her a never-ending fear.  Even when, with the
love and help of a Norwegian sea captain, she becomes rich
and powerful, the dread instilled in her by Rosier returns
to threaten her time and time again.  Violence.  1967
RC 34861

The Love Child
Anna Dagshaw is one of six illegitimate children born
to Nathaniel Martell and Maria Dagshaw.  Nathaniel's drunken
wife will not divorce him, so he, Maria, and the children
live as a family and endure the spitting, taunts, hostility,
and even violence of the villagers.  Anna is determined to
overcome her heritage, but fears she will never marry--until
she meets Timothy Barrington, who has his own pain.  Strong
language and violence.  1990
RC 35583     BR 9055

The Maltese Angel
Young farmer Ward Gibson's life would have been quite
different if he had not stopped at the Empire Music Hall in
Newcastle, and if the troupe appearing there had not been
held over for another week.  But he fell in love with dancer
Fanny McQueen, known as the Maltese Angel, the moment he saw
her.  His troubles arise when Daisy Mason, who had expected
to marry Ward, vows revenge.  Some strong language.  1992
RC 40284

The Man Who Cried
Set in England during the Great Depression and World
War II, this novel tells of Abel Mason, who is unhappily
married to a shrewish woman.  Released from a love affair
that ends in brutal tragedy, he leaves home, taking his
partially deaf young son, Dick, to the north where his roots
lie.  1979
RC 14026     FD 14026

Miss Martha Mary Crawford
Romantic nineteenth-century English tale about a young
woman who must help the family survive after her widowed
father's death.  When she discovers that his money was
squandered on a mistress, she is given moral support by a
young doctor.  1976
RC 16485

The Moth
In the English county of Durham prior to World War I,
marrying out of one's class is social suicide.  But Robert
Bradley, a self-educated and sensitive carpenter meets and
marries Agnes, who is shouldering her crumbling family
fortunes alone.  1986
RD 24177

My Beloved Son
Ellen Jebeau's husband died when their son, Joe, was
five years old.  Although he left Joe with no inheritance,
Ellen is determined to see that Joe has everything she
missed in life. To that end, she moves onto the estate of
her widowed brother-in-law and his two sons.  Several years
and several deaths later, Joe has become a titled landowner-
-but at a cost.  1993
RC 36706

Our John Willie
Motherless Davy Halladay accepts the responsibility of
providing for his ten-year-old, deaf-mute brother when they
escape a mine cave-in that kills their father.  1974
RC 26503     BR 2788

The Parson's Daughter
Nancy Ann Hazel, a clergyman's daughter in late
nineteenth-century Northumberland, follows her mother's
dying wish by accepting the marriage proposal of
thirty-three-year-old squire Dennison Harpcore, supposedly a
reformed rake.  Soon Denny commits adultery with his former
mistress and loses the farmlands by gambling, setting off a
string of events through which Nancy's strength must endure.
RC 26200

Pure as the Lily
Mary weds the nice, rich old shopkeeper, Ben, the
father of her unborn child.  Her marriage is serene until an
air raid kills Ben and one of their two children.  1973
RD 6577

The Rag Nymph
At the age of seven, Millie Forester finds herself
alone in the world.  Her mother has committed suicide, and
her father disappeared long ago.  She is taken in by Raggie
Aggie Winkowski and Ben, a young man Aggie opened her home
to years before.  Millie is free-spirited and often finds
herself in difficult situations--especially with men.  Ben
quietly stays in the background and rescues her when the
need arises.  1991
RC 43818

The Round Tower
Wealthy Vanessa Ratcliffe, pregnant with another man's
child, marries Angus Cotton, the ambitious son of a servant.
Vanessa defies her father to marry Angus, and all too soon
conflict and doubt begin to nag at the newlyweds.  1968
 RC 19891

The Tide of Life
When the kindly man she intends to marry at seventeen
is murdered, Emily Kennedy takes a job as housekeeper to
provide for herself and her ailing younger sister.  Though
in a household of suppressed violence, Emily wins her way
through to maturity.  Some strong language.  1976
RD 10237

The Whip
Emma is the orphaned daughter of an English farm girl
and a wandering Spanish carnival performer.  Sent to live
with her English grandmother after her father's death, Emma
simply cannot adjust to life in Tyneside.  The exotic young
girl becomes a fiery woman whose skill at performing with
the whips--her father's only legacy--makes her both
fascinating and threatening to the suspicious villagers.
Some strong language.  1983
RC 19934     BR 5573

The Wingless Bird
Northern England, 1913.  Agnes Conway, twenty-two, has
led a dreary but virtuous life working in her father's
tobacco and sweets shop.  Sometimes she wonders if she will
spend the rest of her life there.  Then she meets Charles
Farrier and her future looks brighter.  When they marry,
over his parents' objections, Agnes begins to feel her
virtuous life is being rewarded.  But war and a long illness
can change everything.  1991
RC 33537

The Year of the Virgins
England in the 1960s.  Winifred and Daniel Coulson's
thirty-one-year marriage is falling apart, but the outside
world has no idea.  After all, they are wealthy Catholics
from the best part of town, and it just wouldn't do for
others to know.  Winifred is overly possessive of their
youngest son, and on the day of his wedding an accident
occurs that rocks the family completely and hastens its
disintegration.  1993
RC 39942

Compiled by Ellie Friedman
Revised and expanded by Joyce Y. Carter
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