Message being cross posted--sorry about the duplication.

The PCC Survey on national-level series treatment policies and practices
Series Survey <> has been
extended for an additional week.  The deadline for response is now
September 24th, 1999.

The BIBCO Working Group on Series Numbering has been formed and will be
chaired by Andrea Stamm (Northwestern University).  A brief background
statement including the charge, and the names of the members of this
working group is now posted on the BIBCO home page

The notes from the Standing Committee on Automation's (SCA) meeting held
at the ALA annual conference in New Orleans are available on the
SCA home page <>. This
summary provides an update on the activities of the SCA (some of which
were also reported at the PCC Participant's meeting) including:
1)results of the SCA Cataloging tools survey, 2) CORC and PCC, 3) a
report by Gary Strawn on automated assistance for classification
numbers, 4) real time upload of authorities (RLG), and 5) an update on
the Task Group on Journals in Aggregator Databases as reported by Karen
Calhoun and John Reimer.

The BIBCO-At-Large meeting notes from June 1999 have been updated to
include photos of some of the attendees at that meeting

The BIBCO Operation Committee meeting notes (April 1999)
<> have been revised
to add a clarification on LC's policy on multiple 050s in monographic
records.  A hyper link from the discussion on classification has been
added to lead the reader to the "Policy on classification numbers in
BIBCO records."