BIBCO colleagues:

As part of retrospective conversion, we encounter a significant number
of bib. records in OCLC (for sound recordings, at the moment) that could

potentially be upgraded to BIBCO program records because all of the
access points are covered by authority records.  If we want to do this,
must we upgrade the DESCRIPTION to AACR2 as well as the access points?
Is this issue addressed in any PCC documentation or standard?

I can tell you that if the answer is: "yes, you need to upgrade the
description", we will just abandon the idea of upgrading the records
altogether.  However, it seems to us that our verifying the access
points and upgrading these to program records, even with leaving the
description "as is", would be a useful service for other libraries.

Anybody have an answer to this?


Jennifer Bowen
Head, Technical Services
Sibley Music Library, Eastman School of Music
27 Gibbs St., Rochester, NY 14604
(716) 274-1370      [log in to unmask]