At Saint Louis University Law Library we have the policy of
retaining subject hdg. data unless we can demonstrate some inaccuracy.
There are a couple of reasons for this practice.

        1) We recognize that we work in a database which is used
internationally and not everyone speaks English.  Libraries contribute
subj. hdgs. in Portuguese as well as French and Spanish, and doubtless we
will be seeing more languages soon.  Even in the U.S., some communities
may find future language-enhanced hdgs. useful.  WE DO NOT ASSURE ACCURACY

        2) We assume that we are working with intelligent colleagues who
are able to distinguish these hdgs. and remove them if so desired.
Furthermore, many local systems either strip off undesired hdgs. or do not
index them anyhow.

        3) The way the guidelines are written, one would be lead to
believe that we should do wholesale deletion of MeSH hdgs. as we encounter
them in our work ....  Hardly a practice that would be of service to the
medical community!

        4) One should remember that these non-English language libraries
ALWAYS have the capability of adding their subject terms to pcc records.
In other words, we can create an English-only bib record and 5 minutes
later the U. of Sao Paulo can add its Portugese hdgs. and we'd never
know ... guidelines or no guidelines.  They add them to LC records every
day in OCLC and no one blinks.

        My feeling is ... retain if not wrong.   Don't assume they're


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On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Pat Williams wrote:

> Marty, et al.,
> Since your question to the list arrived on the last day of my tour of duty
> as the BIBCO Operations Committee responder to questions, I am replying to
> your query about foreign language subject headings in  PCC records.  I
> consulted with Ana Cristan about the LC practice in the document you cited
> below, and she confirmed that it does in fact apply to BIBCO libraries.
> Since the document describes what types of records LC considers copy
> cataloging as opposed to original cataloging, that distinction seems to be
> the crux of the matter.  If you consider the vendor record you are
> upgrading to be original cataloging, then you should remove the extraneous
> subjects in accordance with LC practice.  If the record is considered copy
> cataloging, you may retain the subjects.   This is a local decision for the
> individual BIBCO library.  However, I also checked the "Guidelines for
> National Level Enhance Participants," which Jay Weitz distributed in
> December 1998.   Section C, 3, c states:  "DO NOT remove information (for
> instance, added entries or database enrichments) from a record unless the
> information is in error."   It seems to me that these two sets of
> guidelines may conflict and  further clarification is needed for those PCC
> catalogers who do their work in OCLC.   At Chicago, we have followed the
> OCLC enhance guidelines pretty strictly for PCC upgrades and have retained
> any information which we found in existing records, but this may be in
> conflict with the LC guidelines.  It would be helpful to hear what other
> libraries have been doing in this regard.
> Pat Williams
> Asst. Head, Cataloging Dept.
> University of Chicago Library
> At 11:36 AM 8/31/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >I am cataloging a Catalan-language work with an OCLC database record
> >created by Iberbook Int. in Madrid with four 653 fields (e.g., Iglesia
> >Cat'olica $a Historia $a Siglo XI). I want to upgrade this record to PCC
> >level.  It had been my understanding that we should leave subject headings
> >in other languages in such records together with LCSH headings that we
> >add, but a new document at
> >says: "These records will only contain subject headings from LCSH; other
> >subject headings are deleted."  This statement reflects LC policy, but can
> >we/should we leave these fields in BIBCO cataloging?  What are others
> >doing?
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