This is Coop's response to Jennifer Bowen's posting and an attempt to
clarify the situation for the others who have commented on Jennifer's
original question.

There is some documentation available that may speak to this point in
the BIBCO Training Manual 2nd edition, published in March 1998.  The
section labelled: Training Package, p. T-11, states "... Wherever
elements are included, those element must conform to AACR2R ...".
On p. T-15 describing "Core record judgement ...", we see the statement
that  "...four strictures determine the limits of the judgement the
cataloger may exercise ..."  AACR2r is cited as one of those strictures.

I could not find any other mention of AACR2 in any of the core record
standards but my understanding is that AACR2 is assumed, especially
since it is also my understanding that the BIBCO guidelines were
provided to facilitate the creation of NEW bibliographic records rather
than for upgrading of records created under older rules. Further, it is
my understanding that upgrades were NOT factored into the discussions of
the SCS and its Task Groups during the creation of any of the core
standards. I'm sure that Joan Schuitema will be able to clarify that for
Therefore, Jennifer is asking for guidance on an issue that has not been
addressed before (it is an important issue) the outcome of which I'm not
sure should be determined via an e-mail discussion.

Kay Guiles, CPSO has indicated to COOP that he will write a response
which will describe what LC's policy is in this respect.  Kay's response
will be an informative document, much like the document on "Resource
records" which was discussed here last month, which should NOT be taken
as a directive for BIBCO libraries to follow; however, if appropriate
LC's procedures could be used as the basis for developing BIBCO
guidelines for "pccizing" old cataloging.

BIBCO cataloging guidelines are the result of a collaborative process.
Cataloging guidelines for the PCC are developed by the Standing
Committee on Standards, in consultation with the BIBCO/CONSER operations
committees, the PCC Steering Committee, and often the PCC participants
at large.  The final approval of the guidelines rests with the PCC
Policy Committee.  This is to assure that 1) all participants are
informed and comfortable with the decision(s), 2) that the principles of
the PCC are being adhered to --inasmuch as is possible-- and, 3) that
BIBCO institutions are not required to expend resources unnecessarily,

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