The Wilson Center is currently undertaking recruitment efforts for a =
Librarian. Please feel free to post the enclosed announcement to interested=
 parties. More information about the Center and this vacancy can be =
obtained on the Center's web site at  Thank you for =
your efforts.

Delegated Examining Unit
The Woodrow Wilson Center is an equal opportunity employer.

Vacancy Announcement Number: WC-921-F
24-Hour Job Information Line: (202)691-4095
Visit our website at

OPENING DATE: September 22, 1999
CLOSING DATE: October 15, 1999

GRADE: GS-1410-09/11*
May have promotion potential to GS-11 if filled at the GS-09.

WHO MAY APPLY: All qualified candidates (status and non-status).

DUTIES: The incumbent provides reference and interlibrary loan services.
Instructs others in library procedures, the use of computer database =
such as FBIS, First Search, Lexis/Nexis, and gives orientation to scholars =
and staff on library and research resources of the D.C. metro area.  =
REFERENCE: Uses computer, standard and highly specialized bibliographic =
tools to answer reference questions and produce bibliographies for fellows =
and staff; does specialized reference work using the collections and =
reference tools of the Library of Congress and a variety of bibliographic =
tools and selects the most pertinent materials to support scholars' =
research programs, keeps up with advances in technology in online =
services, especially in the social sciences and humanities; and maintains =
a bibliographic record of Center publications and Fellow's works.  =
INTERLIBRARY LOANS: responds to requests and locates, selects and analyzes =
materials in the Library of Congress collections and other libraries. =
Serves as liaison and negotiates acceptable interlibrary loan policies and =
procedures and resolves conflicts regarding the loan and return of =
materials. May perform and/or technically supervise other library =
functions and staff to ensure the efficient operation of the Center's =

QUALIFICATIONS: All candidates must meet the requirements for professional =
education in library science or possess equivalent experience as shown =
below. Applicants who possess a master's degree in library science are =
fully qualified at the GS-09 level. All Applicants must meet the requiremen=
ts specified in paragraphs A, B, or C below. (Note: Applicants who qualify =
under the provisions of paragraph C are required to take a subject-matter =
test in library science.)=20

A. Completion of 1 full academic year of graduate study in library science =
an accredited college or university, in addition to completion of all work
required for a bachelor's degree;  OR
B. Completion of all the requirements for a "5th-year" bachelor's degree =
library science and at least 1 year of library experience that included =
performance of duties in one or more functional areas of librarianship at =
GS-5 or higher grade level; OR
C. A total of at least 5 years of a combination of college-level education,=

training, and/or experience which has provided a knowledge and understandin=
g of the theories, principles, and techniques of professional librarianship=

In addition, at the GS-9 candidates must meet either 1or 2:=20
1. Completion of all the requirements for a master's degree or 2 full =
years of graduate study in library science; OR=20
2. a. One year of professional experience in librarianship that included =
performance, supervision, or administration of one or more major functional=

areas of professional librarianship or b. One year of professional or =
advanced experience that provided the applicant with the specialized =
knowledge and abilities required by the particular position.

At the GS-11 level candidates must meet either A, B or C:=20
A. One professional experience in librarianship equivalent to at least =
B. Doctoral degree (or equivalent) or 3 full academic years of graduate
education in library science;  OR
C. Doctoral degree (or equivalent); or 3 full academic years of graduate
education in a subject matter related to this position. =20

1. Professional knowledge of library functions, services, and practices
especially as they relate to reference and/or interlibrary loan procedures.=

2. Knowledge of standard and highly specialized reference tools.

1. Skill with computer cataloging networks, online services, and online =
search techniques.
2. Knowledge library holdings, arrangements and services of the D.C. metro
3.  Foreign language facility.
4.  Substantial knowledge of the humanities, social sciences and/or public

All applicants must meet the mandatory qualification requirements to be
eligible for further consideration and must provide detailed evidence of
possession of each of the experience, knowledge, skill and ability
requirements and show how and when they were used.  This evidence must =
include clear, concise examples that show the level of accomplishment and =
degree of responsibility.  Experience determinations will be based only on =
the information you supply. =20

WHERE AND HOW TO APPLY: Submit to the address at the end of this announceme=
nt the following information in the format (resume SF-171, OF-612, etc.) =
of your choice.  Status applicants should submit two complete applications =
if you wish to be considered under merit promotion and competitive =
examining procedures. If only one application is received it will be =
considered under merit promotion only.

The announcement number, position title, and grade(s) or minimum salary
requirements for the job to which you are applying. Please include a =

Your full name, mailing address, daytime and evening telephone numbers, =
Social Security Number, and country of citizenship.  If applicable, the =
following information is also required: Veteran's Preference - Include any =
veteran's preference information and a copy of your DD-214, if you are =
claiming 10 point preference you must also include an Application for 10 =
Point Preference (SF-15). Transfer/Reinstatement Eligibility - Include =
transfer and/or reinstatement eligibility information and a copy of your =
last SF-50
(Notification of Personnel Action) and indicate your highest federal =
grade held with job series and dates of employment. Career Transition
Assistance Plan (CTAP) and Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan
(ICTAP) applicants in the local commuting area must also submit a copy of
their RIF (reduction-in-force) separation notice or SF-50, and indicate =
promotion potential of the last position held.  To be considered a
well-qualified candidate you must score at least 85, excluding Veteran's
Preference points, in this evaluation.=20

High school - name, city, state, and date of diploma or GED and/or =
and universities attended - name, city, state; majors and type of degree =
year(s) received. (A copy of your transcript is not required unless
specifically requested).=20

Give the following information for your paid and non-paid work experience
related to the job to which you are applying: job title, employer's name =
address, duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments, supervisor's name =
and telephone number, starting and ending dates (month and year), hours =
per week, salary, and please indicate if your current supervisor may be =

Any job-related skills (for example computer, foreign language, and/or =
skills), training courses (by title and year), honors, awards, and special

(1)  Applications must be received by the closing date. (2) Failure to =
the mandatory qualification requirements and quality ranking factors may
result in your not receiving credit for all of your pertinent experience.
Applicants are strongly urged to address these factors on a separate sheet =
of paper.  If you omit information requested in this announcement your
application may be rated ineligible. (3) Please do not fax your application=

unless it is specifically requested. (4) Travel and Transportation and/or
Relocation Expenses may be authorized. (5) This position requires U.S.
citizenship. (6) If a vacant position is filled below the full performance
level, the selectee may be promoted without further competition. This =
no promise or guarantee of promotion. (7) The use of U.S. government =
postage paid envelopes is a violation of federal law and will disqualify =
you from consideration. (8) Males born after 12/31/59 desiring Federal =
employment must be registered with the Selective Service System.=20

Please Note:  All Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars =
positions require fingerprinting of employees hired and may include some =
additional background checks before employment. The Immigration Reform and =
Control Act of 1986 requires employers to hire only individuals who are =
eligible to work in the United States. Upon reporting for work, an =
individual will be expected to present proper evidence establishing =

Please submit application materials to the following address:
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Human Resources
One Woodrow Wilson Plaza
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20004-3027
Attention:  WC-921-F