Send your inquiry directly to the reviewer, John Pomfret. Ask him
why he is reviewing a book that is not available to the public, and why the
Washington Post publishes book reviews without giving ordering infomration
as well.
        His e-mail address is given on the Washington Post pages at as:

John Pomfret: {HYPERLINK "mailto:[log in to unmask]"[log in to unmask]
Foreign staff writer/China
        Tell him that Lee Hadden said "Ni how!"

R. Lee Hadden
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We are looking for the book called Unrestricted War by Qiao Liang and Wang
Xiangsui.  I'm sure a lot of you have been asked about this title.  The best
information I have is that it was reviewed by John Pomfret in the Washington
Post Foreign Service.  Sunday, Aug 8, 99, P A01.  The book apparently has
not been translated into English and the authors are Chinese colonels.

Our CG and others are very interested in this title.  He wants it even if it
is in Chinese.  Can anyone tell me where to buy, borrow or beg the book?  Do
you have a jobber that deals with Chinese titles that you could recommend?


Thank you,

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