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DUBLIN, Ohio, Aug. 24, 1999--Today at the IFLA General Conference in
Bangkok, Thailand, the International Federation of Library Associations and
Institutions (IFLA) and OCLC announced the IFLA/OCLC Early Career
Development Fellowship, which will support library and information science
professionals who are in the early stages of their career development and
from countries with developing economies.

Up to four fellowship recipients a year will travel to OCLC Headquarters in
Dublin, Ohio, USA, for four weeks to participate in an intensive program of
lectures, seminars and mentoring.

"This new kind of cooperation between IFLA and OCLC is really a great
achievement, which will allow librarians from developing countries to come
to the United States, have good technical training, and visit a few North
American libraries," said Christine Deschamps, president of IFLA and OCLC
Board of Trustees member.  "I can only hope that other bodies will join us
and give additional funding to help more librarians to come each year."

"As the leading global library cooperative, OCLC is in a position to promote
the evolution of libraries worldwide," said Jay Jordan, OCLC president and
CEO.  "This career development program, created in collaboration with IFLA,
has the potential to positively affect individuals, their institutions,
their countries and the global knowledge management practices of the future.
The OCLC membership will also benefit from the diverse viewpoints and
experiences the Early Career Development fellows will bring to the program."

"The program will be designed to provide as much background as possible on
emerging technologies and their role in global cooperative librarianship,"
said Martin Dillon, executive director of the OCLC Institute.  "It will
provide advanced, continuing education and exposure to a broad range of
issues in information technologies and library operations."

Early Career Development fellows will participate in OCLC Institute
seminars, observe portions of an OCLC Users Council meeting, and visit
selected North American libraries.

More information is available from the OCLC Institute on the Web at
<>, via telephone at +1-614-764-6357, or by
writing to the OCLC Institute at 6600 Frantz Rd., Dublin, Ohio, USA, 43017.

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
(founded in 1927) is a worldwide, independent organisation created to
provide librarians around the world with a forum for exchanging ideas and
promoting international cooperation.  IFLA is also doing research and
development in all fields of library activities.  IFLA's objectives are:  to
represent librarianship in matters of international interest; to promote the
continuing education of library personnel; and to develop, maintain and
promote guidelines for library services.

With over 1,600 members in more than 150 countries, IFLA is nowadays a truly
global organization.  The federation is deeply rooted in the library
community worldwide.  More information is available at

Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, OCLC Online Computer Library Center is a
nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organization
whose computer network and services link more than 34,000 libraries in 67
countries and territories.  OCLC is dedicated to the public purposes of
furthering access to the world's information and reducing information costs.

In the United States, more information is available (via telephone:
+1-614-764-6000 or
1-800-848-5878; fax:  +1-614-764-6096;
or e-mail:  [log in to unmask]).  In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, contact
the OCLC Europe office, located in Birmingham, United Kingdom (phone:  +44
121 456 4656; fax:  +44 121 456 4680; or e-mail:  [log in to unmask]).  In Asia
and the Pacific region, contact the OCLC Asia Pacific office in Dublin, Ohio
(phone:  +1-614-764-6189; fax:  +1-614-764-4331; or e-mail:
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in Montreal, Quebec (phone:  +1-450-658-6583 or 1-888-658-6583; fax:
+1-450-658-6231; or e-mail:  [log in to unmask]).  In Latin America and the
Caribbean, contact the OCLC Latin America and the Caribbean office in
Dublin, Ohio (phone:  +1-614-761-5196; fax:  +1-614-718-1026; or e-mail:
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More information about OCLC, its affiliated U.S. regional networks, service
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