The Naval Observatory Library needs an oversize file cabinet
which appears not to be manufactured any longer.
I thought perhaps some federal library might have
one stored or not in use at present.  The outside
dimensions are: 51 1/2" high, 20 1/8" wide and
28 1/8" deep.  The inside dimensions of each drawer (the
more important measurements) are: 19 3/8" wide, 14 7/8" high
and 27 1/2" deep.  If any library in the metropolitan area
has such a file cabinet, the Naval Observatory will arrange
for pick-up.  We will also fill out any necessary transfer

 We have two of these cabinets (brand name All-Steel) which house
star charts produced in the early 1900s.  Our library has become an
archival collection point for these charts, and needs one
additional oversize file cabinet to house charts recently
received.  One company dealing with storage issues came
close, but could not find a new file cabinet with
the 14 7/8" height needed for the drawers.  A search of office
furniture catalogs turned up nothing in this size.

 Please reply directly to me at the email address or
telephone number below, and thank you in advance for your

  Brenda Corbin

Brenda G. Corbin, Librarian               Phone: 202/762-1463
U. S. Naval Observatory                   Fax: 202/762-1083
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