1.  Be sure to take photographs, both before and after if possible, to =
with the after action requests for funding to replace/repair problems.  =

2.  Put cotton towels at the bottom of the doors that open to the =
to absorb wind blown water.  On the outside if you have screen doors to =
them in place.

3.  Unplug your computers and put plastic bags over the electronics in =
the ceiling leaks.

4.  Get yourself (and everyone in your family) a Walkman so that you =
listen to the radio rather than the wind.  It makes the stress levels =
lower during the storm. =20

5.  DO NOT put tape Xs over your windows (doesn't work and creates tons =
work to remove them), or buy tons of food.  If the power is out it will
spoil, if you don't get a storm it may be wasted.

6.  Batteries for the Walkman and flash lights are a good buy, also =
and bottled water for snacks.  But don't go crazy about this.  Baby =
are good for hand cleaning.  Plastic gloves for protecting your hands =
as you
clean up are good.  Large Print novels are also helpful for distracting =
(easier to read by flashlight).

7.  And just think, now you too can compete in the importance of power
versus water competitions of other disaster victims. <grin>

best of luck to you and your library.

Alice E. Hadley, MLS, AHIP
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The more you know the better you heal.

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> Ms. Johnson has asked that the correction be made to the date.=A0 Ft.
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> Effective 1200 hrs today, 15 Sept 99, the Ft. Stewart Library will be
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