Network Bulletin No. 99-40

Date: August 27, 1999

Subject: 1999 network regional conferences

Index term:   Resolutions, 2001 conference sites, and NLS
responses to questions and concerns raised at the 1999
regional conferences

The four regional conferences of librarians serving blind
and physically handicapped individuals held biennial
meetings in April, May, and June.  The Midlands Conference
met in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 25 - 28; the Northern
Conference met in Cromwell, Connecticut, on April 28 - 30;
the Southern Conference met in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 2 -
4; and the Western Conference met in Sante Fe, New Mexico,
on June 6 - 9.

Election results, resolutions, 2001 conference sites,
questions raised at the conferences, and NLS responses are


For further information please contact:

Stephen Prine
Network Services Section

__Midlands Conference__
April 25 - 28, 1999
Cleveland, Ohio



PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED (NLS/BPH) has developed our network
through this century with skilled, inclusive, creative,
flexible, patient, and reliable leadership,

Therefore, be it resolved by the Midlands Conference of
Librarians Serving the Blind and Physically Handicapped, on
this 28th day of April 1999, that we are confident NLS will
continue to develop our network into and through the new
millennium with skill, inclusion, creativity, flexibility,
patience, and reliable leadership.

NLS RESPONSE:  Thank you.


Given that the Illinois Regional Library for the Blind and
Physically Handicapped (LBPH) has always been admired by our
national network for its clear commitment to excellence in
public service,

Given that the Illinois Regional LBPH has always been on the
"cutting edge" of BPH library services, while maintaining a
firm commitment to basic services,

Given that the Illinois LBPH's excellence has inspired,
guided, influenced and improved the national LBPH network,
as well as public libraries, and ALA/ASCLA members,

And given that these attributes have been achieved under the
true and actual leadership of our most esteemed colleague
and friend,

Therefore, be it resolved by the Midlands Conference of
Librarians Serving the Blind and Physically Handicapped, on
this 28th day of April, 1999, that BARBARA PERKIS be
recognized for her outstanding commitment to LBPH services
both nationally and in Illinois, and know how she is missed
by her fellow "talking bookies" and how we hope to have her
in our midst, again, in the very near future.



Given that Cleveland has proven to be a rockin' city, a
rollin' along Lake Erie,

Given that Glidden House has charmed us with its
hospitality, haunts, and heavenly hominess,

Given that author John Bellamy scintillated us with
Cleveland's grit, and writer/patron/volunteer Max Edelman
inspired us with his wit, and naturalist Foster Brown
entertained and made some of us canal-enacting twits, and
the Corelli Trio played our favorite classical music with
delightful spirit,

Given that the Cleveland Regional LBPH stimulated our senses
with plants and intrigued us with its light and space, and
space, and space, and space, and -- of course --

Given that the Cleveland Public Library hosted a scrumptious
buffet, following a sneak preview of its fabulous new digs,

Therefore, be it resolved by the Midlands Conference of
Librarians Serving the Blind and Physically Handicapped, on
this 28th day of April 1999, that our colleague, authoress,
and dear friend, Barbara Mates, and her hard-working staff,
be thanked -- again and again -- for their stupendous
organization and magnificently gracious hospitality.



Chair:          Lissa Shanahan, Indiana regional library

Vice Chair:     Linda Champion, Macomb County, Michigan,

Secretary:      Ellie Sevdy, Minnesota MLA

Treasurer:      Gail Morse, Cleveland, Ohio, regional

The 2001 Midlands Conference will be held in conjunction
with the Western Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

__Northern Conference__
April 28 - 30, 1999
Cromwell, Connecticut

No Resolutions


Chair:          Donna Calvert, West Virginia
regional library

Vice Chair:     Richard Riddell, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, regional library

Secretary:      James Izatt, Worcester,
Massachusetts, SRL

National Audio
Equipment Advisory
Committee:      Christine Liseicki, New Jersey
regional library

The 2001 Northern Conference will be in Charleston, West

__Southern Conference__
May 2 - 4, 1999
Atlanta, Georgia



WHEREAS both Kay Briley (FL) and Greg Carlson (FL) presented
the Southern Conference of Librarians Serving the Blind and
Physically Handicapped (SCLBPH) with a very impressive debut
issue of "Risorgimento," and

WHEREAS neither Kay nor Greg received newsletter submissions
from any SCLBPH library or any SCLBPH individual member
during the year after the debut issue, and

WHEREAS the majority of SCLBPH members agree that there is
little support for continuing efforts at providing and
distributing a newsletter, and

WHEREAS Dave Holloman, Keystone Systems, Inc., has
generously offered to provide the structure necessary to
bring up and maintain a SCLBPH Listserv, and

WHEREAS there are capable stewards in SCLBPH leadership

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH recommends the
cancellation of any further efforts at maintaining a
newsletter in favor of pursuing the development of a SCLBPH
librarians Listserv.



WHEREAS Data Management has responded to previous conference
recommendations to provide support for better customer
service, and

WHEREAS subscription mailing labels have been reformatted to
include network library phone numbers and the NLS e-mail
address, and

WHEREAS this action will eliminate confusion that was
evident in the past,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH commends and
thanks Mike Everette, Data Management Associates, Inc., and
Robert McDermott and the NLS automation staff for their
efforts on behalf of the network.

NLS RESPONSE:  Two points of clarification.  First, NLS will
be adding individual network libraries' telephone numbers to
the patron address mailing label for magazines but not NLS's
e-mail address.  NLS's web address has already been added
to Talking Book Topics and will appear on other publications
in the future.

Second, thank you for recognizing the efforts of Data
Management Associates; we too have been pleased with their
efforts.  Internally, the changes to CMLS have resulted from
the deliberations of the CMLS working group, composed of
staff from the Materials Development Division, Network
Division, and the Office of the Director under the
coordination of Barbara Peterman, the CMLS coordinator, in
conjunction with input from the CMLS Advisory Team that
represents the network.


WHEREAS NLS has frozen the rigid-disc (RD) collection and is
phasing out production of flexible-disc magazines, and

WHEREAS space is at a premium for most network libraries,

study the feasibility of declaring the RD collection
obsolete and of allowing the multistate centers to provide
future RD service, thereby making it possible for network
libraries -- especially the regionals -- to withdraw RD

NLS RESPONSE:  This will be discussed in Los Angeles at the
2000 conference and a response provided soon thereafter.


WHEREAS Robert McDermott, NLS automation officer,
proactively initiated and facilitated planning for Y2K
readiness for the NLS network, for NLS web-based information
and programs, and for other multiple systems, and

WHEREAS Robert McDermott has accomplished this with minimal
staffing, and

WHEREAS the SCLBPH appreciates the work McDermott and his
staff have done to date,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH recommends that
NLS review the current staffing level of the NLS automation
personnel, with a particular emphasis on evaluating
thefeasibility of increasing or supplementing their numbers
and technical expertise to meet the challenge of a rapidly
changing technological environment.

NLS RESPONSE:  Noted.  The matter will be considered.


WHEREAS SCLBPH chair Michael Gunde and local arrangements
chair Linda Koldenhoven dedicated much time and effort to
plan, organize, and bring to fruition a meaningful and
informative 1999 Southern Conference, and

WHEREAS both worked diligently to present programs and
speakers within established time frames and in accordance
with printed agenda,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH commends and
sincerely thanks Michael and Linda for enhancing the
professional development of SCLBPH members.



WHEREAS Linda Koldenhoven, local arrangements chair and
director of Georgia regional library, and her staff have
worked diligently to provide superb hotel accommodations,

WHEREAS they also provided unique souvenirs typifying the
essence of the Atlanta metropolitan area,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH commends and
thanks Linda and the staff of the Georgia regional library
for extending real Georgia hospitality and for providing a
"peach" of a conference.



WHEREAS Gary Swint (Augusta subregional) and Diana Mills
(Rome, Georgia, subregional) made provisions for a tour of
the Georgia Center for the Visually Impaired, the Jimmy
Carter Presidential Library and Archives, and the Carter
Presidential Museum, and

WHEREAS Linda Koldenhoven, Georgia regional library, made
provisions for free box lunches and for transportation to
the tour sites, and

WHEREAS the staff of the Georgia Center for the Visually
Impaired (CVI) provided a thorough and informative tour of
their facility, and

WHEREAS the CVI staff shared their expertise while extending
their hospitality, and

WHEREAS the deputy director of the Jimmy Carter Presidential
Library and Archives gave a private tour of the library and
arranged for free admission to the museum and its grounds,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH commends and
thanks these entities for their endeavors.



WHEREAS the staff of the National Library Service (NLS) and
the director of the Multistate Center East (MSCE) have made
every effort to participate in programs, and

WHEREAS all made themselves available to conference
attendees and provided informative program updates,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH commends and
thanks NLS and the MSCE for their continued support and
participation in Southern Conference activities.

NLS RESPONSE:  Thank you.


WHEREAS Senator Max Cleland, though unable to attend,
provided a member of his staff to individually answer
questions and address concerns of conference attendees, and

WHEREAS Dr. Kenneth Breeden, commissioner, Georgia
Department of Technical and Adult Education, extended such a
warm and entertaining welcome,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH thanks the senator
and the commissioner for their interest in and service to
our very important clientele.



WHEREAS Linda Koldenhoven (Georgia regional library) and
Diana Mills (Rome, Georgia, subregional library) provided a
reception with delicious fare and delightful musical

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH thanks both for a
memorable reception.



WHEREAS Mary Lou Markham has been an active participant in
the SCLBPH throughout her tenure as director of the
Tennessee Library Services for the Blind and Physically
Handicapped, and

WHEREAS Mary Lou was unable to attend this year due to
serious illness, and

WHEREAS her presence at this year's conference was truly

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH extends best
wishes to Mary Lou Markham for a full and speedy recovery.



WHEREAS the Network Services Section of NLS provides
valuable consultation to network libraries, and

WHEREAS both Steve Prine and Mary Mohr are always responsive
and willing to assist librarians by phone, by e-mail, and
when possible, in person, and

WHEREAS two consultants, no matter how dedicated, cannot
fully address the needs of a nationwide network,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH recommends that
NLS undertake immediate action to ensure that the Library of
Congress post and fill the existing vacant Network Services
consultant position.

NLS RESPONSE:  This is in process.


WHEREAS Gary Swint, Augusta, Georgia, subregional library,
provided excellent directions on Atlanta's surface roads to
and from our tour sites, in heavy traffic, and on a
chartered bus driven by a man from Tennessee,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the SCLBPH thanks Gary for
his infectious good humor while getting us back to the
conference site.



Chair:          Michael Gunde, Florida regional

Vice Chair:     Barbara McCarthy, Virginia regional

Treasurer:      Linda Stokes, Savannah, Georgia,

Secretary:      Deenie Culver, Anniston, Alabama,

Members at Large: Ann Bradley, Lee County,
Florida, SRL
Richard Feindel, Kentucky regional library

The 2001 Southern Conference will be Charleston, South

__Western Conference__
June 6 - 9, 1999
Sante Fe, New Mexico


Resolution 1

The Western Conference of Librarians Serving the Blind and
Physically Handicapped hereby encourages NLS to increase the
recording of popular and bestselling fiction in Spanish
language to meet the increased population of Spanish-
speaking clients in the West.

NLS RESPONSE:  As a result of the recommendations of the
National Advisory Group on Collection Building, NLS will
increase the number of Spanish titles produced from twenty-
five to fifty for fiscal year 2000.  Western libraries
should also work to produce titles in Spanish, following the
example of regional libraries in Texas, Florida, and Puerto

Resolution 2

The Western Conference recommends that NLS and network
libraries form partnerships in order to advance the use of
digital technology in the production and distribution of
audio books and magazines.

NLS RESPONSE:  NLS will continue to try to keep its partner,
the network libraries, informed of digital technology
through the NLS News and Update publications and through
digital-talking book reports from the Digital Audio
Development Committee, the National Information Standards
Organization, and the National Audio Equipment Advisory

Resolution 3

The Western Conference further recommends that NLS
accelerate installation and testing of digital audio
mastering equipment at the NLS studios.  Libraries in the
network that are in need of replacing analog recording
equipment cannot afford to buy more analog equipment and
then be faced in the near future with yet another change to
digital.  Network libraries need information soon on
suitable digital mastering technology in order to avoid
purchasing high-priced, already outdated equipment for their
local recording programs.

NLS RESPONSE:  NLS will continue to accelerate installation
and testing of digital audio mastering equipment.  The NLS
studio three years ago explored the use of digital audio
tape and determined that it was not a cost-effective
product.  Now NLS is examining computer hard-disk recording
technology that has more promise.  However, it is important
to not just examine recording equipment, but to study the
whole process including, reviewing, archiving, and the
interface to duplication to ensure it will be efficient and
cost-effective.  All equipment for the testing of this new
digital system will be installed in August.  Testing will
begin shortly thereafter.  Preliminary results are
anticipated by January 2000.

NLS is aware of and sympathetic to the tough technology
choices facing the libraries and suggests that this topic be
further covered by a panel at the biennial national
conference scheduled for Los Angeles.  Lessons learned from
all of the digital recording studios (NLS and network) could
be shared at that time to enhance the knowledge base of the
network and help libraries with the selection of recording
systems.  In this manner, as partners we can learn together
about the digital domain.

Resolution 4

Whereas Kay Salmon from the Idaho Regional Library is
retiring, and

Whereas he has served the state of Idaho and the Western
Conference with enthusiasm and leadership, and

Whereas he has been a good friend and colleague,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Western Conference of
Librarians Serving the Blind and Physically Handicapped
meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in June 1999 do hereby
designate Kay Salmon as a lifetime member of the Western
Conference; and wish Kay and his wife, Kathleen, a rewarding
and happy retirement.

NLS RESPONSE:  NLS concurs and wishes Kay and Kathleen a
long and happy retirement.

Resolution 5

Whereas the New Mexico Talking Book Library hosted the 1999
Western Conference of Librarians Serving the Blind and
Physically Handicapped, and

Whereas as excellent hosts they provided the Western
Conference with a great hotel/meeting facility, great food,
and fantastic weather,

Therefore be it resolved that the Western Conference extend
a heartfelt thank you to John, Jerry, and the staff of the

Resolution 6

The Western Conference sincerely thanks the hosts Ben
Wakashige and the staff of the New Mexico State Library;
John Brewster and the staff of the New Mexico Talking Book
Library; and Fred Mansfield, Kay Boyd, Mary Jane Shannon,
and the Board of the Friends of the NMTBL who treated us to
a festive barbecue dinner on Monday, June 7, at the new
State Library and Archives building.


Resolution 7

Whereas because our patrons are visually impaired, blind,
and learning disabled and are unable to read printed
material, and

Whereas NLS in all past machine audits has contacted our
patrons in print,

Therefore be it resolved that NLS be asked to require in the
next RFP for an audit that information be sent to our
patrons in print and cassette format in order that they may
be properly informed of the audit and what is required of
them in a response.

NLS RESPONSE:  Responsibility for the conduct of MLA audits
lies with the Inspector General of the Library of Congress.
NLS cannot therefore dictate audit procedures.  NLS will
nevertheless pass this recommendation on to the Inspector
General with its strong recommendation that it be

Resolution 8

Be it resolved that the Western Conference participants
commend and thank conference chair Keri Putnam for her
outstanding leadership, vice chair Linda Montgomery for her
able assistance, and all speakers and panelists for their



Chair:          Linda Montgomery, Arizona
regional library

Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Henry C. Chang, Braille
Institute, Southern California regional library

National Audio
Equipment Advisory Committee: John Brewster, New Mexico
regional library

The 2001 Western Conference will be Salt Lake City, Utah.
Future locations of Western Conference meetings will be
North Dakota in 2003 and Oregon in 2005.

Regional Conferences
April - May - June 1999

1. What is the status of headphones?

NLS RESPONSE:  New specifications for headphones are in
progress.  Headphones will be available in nine months.

2. What is the status of the project to enable libraries
to do copy allotment for RUSH books?

NLS RESPONSE:  Although still under consideration, this
option has presented unique hurdles to accomplishment.  (For
example, if we shorten the copy allotment cycle to weekly,
RUSH books could easily be included, but a number of
libraries are unable to comply.)  Therefore, a separate set
of programs must be written for these books.  Since they are
few in number, this programming has been scheduled to occur
after more pressing automation needs have been met.

3. NLS needs to give network libraries a 12- 18-month lead
time for exhibits it wants the RL to assist in staffing
or staff for NLS.  Network libraries need time to
include travel cost in their budget cycle.

NLS RESPONSE:  Most exhibit dates are not
"known/selected" in the 12/18- month time frame.  The NLS
exhibit schedule, therefore, is created in late summer of
the year prior to exhibits.  This information is shared,
with participation based upon ability to staff such

4. Are there or will there be print/braille titles on Web-

NLS RESPONSE:  No.  Print/braille and grade 1 braille
books were excluded from Web-Braille.

5. Can a regional library get a password for Web-Braille?

NLS RESPONSE:  Yes, a network bulletin will be issued
soon to explain this.

6. Will talking-book machines be included in the audit?

NLS RESPONSE:  Yes.  They are part of the inventory
system.  They were included in the last audit.

7. NLS should add the following title to the collection
Out of the Corner of My Eye.

NLS RESPONSE:  The title is currently out of print and
has no reviews.  We will attempt to acquire copies for

8. There is a need for more information for parents of
blind and reading disabled children regarding the
Individual Education Plan (IEP) and what should be in

NLS RESPONSE:  NLS will investigate an answer.

9. NLS should develop and publicize procedure for agencies
to use to withdraw titles no longer available from the
Union Catalog.

NLS RESPONSE:  We will strongly consider this for the
network web site.  In the meantime, if you want to withdraw
any of your titles from the Union Catalog, send a list
including author, title, and book number to the
Bibliographic Control Section, NLS/BPH and be sure to
mention the reason (i.e., deletion) for the list.