Network Bulletin No. 99-44

Date: September 17, 1999

Subject: Union Catalog

Index term: A New Version of Web-BLND

A new version of the Web-BLND catalog is available through the
link on the NLS home page (  The new
version features list boxes for limit options, including
format, grade level, collection, and others.  The entire file
will be updated weekly, the response time will be improved,
and the intermediary browse list will be eliminated.  More
instructions can be found by following the Help link on the
new Web-BLND's search screen.

The older version of Web-BLND will remain available from
another link for a transition period, but it has not been
updated since August 23.  To search the complete catalog,
including the most recent books, use the customary link on the
NLS home page.

This new version of the NLS Union Catalog is expected to be
transitional, as we plan to migrate the NLS catalog to
Endeavor Corporation's Voyager system later in 2000.

For additional information please contact:
Robert Axtell
Bibliographic Control Section