Publications Report   No. 99-06

Date: September 17, 1999

Subject: Annual Publications Order Form

During the next several weeks, patrons will be receiving
large-print or braille order forms for catalogs that will be
produced in 2000.  We are asking each patron to return the
order form within three weeks of receiving it.  A copy of
the form is attached for your information.

The CMLS codes for publications that patrons order will
appear on your library's CMLS microfiche records.  When
patrons receive their publications, the codes will be
deleted from the records by the CMLS contractor.
Transactions to add or delete these publications will appear
on your library's edit/update report.

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mailed to the network September 17, 1999)

For further information contact:
Robert E. Fistick, Head
Publications and Media Section