I should read ALL of my mail first...

This is an item directly from EB sent to its institutional customers (and
then posted to a librarian listserv by one of them):


Dear Valued Customer:

Encyclopaedia Britannica is delighted to announce the first of several new
services that we are offering our Institutional subscribers, and to let you
know about our new consumer-focused information site,, which
we are launching this month.

We recognize that the demands of our institutional customers are different.
Academics, teachers and students alike, depend on our unique content,
familiar research-friendly interface, and our advertising-free presentation.

Our main institutional product, Britannica Online will be further developed
as an invaluable tool for students of all ages and disciplines. To this
end, we are proud to announce the following features and services that will
be available only to our subscribers:

*       Britannica Intermediate. Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. will be
introducing a new intermediate level encyclopaedia  with 38,000 articles,
this is an ideal reference sources for elementary and high school students.
Beginning the week of October 25th, this will become part of our growing
portfolio of offerings to subscribers of Britannica Online.

*       Britannica Education Office. We are pleased to announce the opening
of a new Britannica Education Office in San Francisco specifically to
address the needs of our education subscribers. The mission of this office
is to listen to your suggestions, address your needs and implement ideas
that will help us maintain our position as the leading resource for academic
research and reference.

*       No Advertising. Although banner advertisements and sponsorships
will support the Web site, the institutional products will
continue to be free of all commercial messages.

Over the next 12 months, Britannica will be adding new features, functions
and content to further enhance the depth and breadth of our institutional
research and learning tools.  We will keep you informed of these
initiatives as they are at hand.

The new consumer site,, is designed for the general public
rather than academic institutions.This site will be released later this
month and allow users to access real-time news feeds, weather forecasts,
stock quotes, sports scores and other relevant information. This service
will be available to consumers free of charge.

For 231 years, Britannica has set the standard for information. The
creation of and the added institutional features reflect our
continued standard of excellence. We are certain that you will continue to
find Britannica Online the premier source for meeting the increasing
demands of today's academic environment.

Thank you for your continued loyalty. If you have any questions, please
contact your sales representative at 800-621-3900 or [log in to unmask]


Don Yannias
Chief Executive Officer