The EAD HELP PAGES are undergoing some changes and one area in particular we
are working on is the annotated list of implementers.  Besides rearranging
it to make it more useful, we'd also like to check and make sure the
information we have is correct and up to date.  In addition, if there are
any new implementers out there we'd like to include you as well.  Naomi
Nelson will be contacting the current implementers directly, so this is
mainly a plea to all new EAD users.  Send us information about the use of
EAD at your institution!

Below is type of information we are requesting for the HELP PAGES:

1. Delivery method of encoded finding aids (e.g. native SGML, HTML on the
fly, or other specific method)

2.  A statement about the procedure for preparing EAD instances, touching
specifically on:
    What format you began with
    How you converted to electronic format (if you began with printed
    How you mark up your instances
    If you've automated your markup in any way
    Extra steps taken to proof and parse instances
    Indexing procedure

3.  Main contact person for inquiries

4. Whether or not you are participating in RLG's Archival Resources project

Send along your information to any of us below and thanks for your help!

Beth Bensman
Chair, EAD Roundtable
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Naomi Nelson
Vice-Chair, EAD Roundtable
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Timothy Young
Past Chair and Webmaster
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