Please forgive any duplication of this message. I'm writing to announce the
new web site for the "Museums and the Online Archive of California"
project. The new site allows visitors to conduct fielded searches of the
MOAC collections (EAD encoded finding aids from museums) by keyword,
creator, country/culture, object type, object title, object date,
materials, or subject. You can also find technical specifications and other
project documentation.

The MOAC finding aids are on the Online Archive of California server, and
this new MOAC site is a value-added portal to OAC, allowing users to do
specific types of searches restricted and appropriate to museum finding
aids. You may also use the general OAC search to find MOAC finding aids in
the greater context of the entire OAC. I would like to thank Alvin Pollock
and MOAC partners for making this possible.

The California Digital Library (which administers the OAC) and MOAC
partners were recently awarded a grant from the Institute of Museum and
Library Services to develop more content which will be available through
the MOAC portal and the OAC general site. I'd be very interested if anyone
on these lists has any feedback on the site and it's interface, so please
let me know. Thanks,

Richard Rinehart
Information Systems Manager & Education Technology Specialist
Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
@ University of California
& President, Museum Computer Network,