Appendix B.4 of the EAD Application Guidelines contains the USMARC/EAD
"crosswalk."  It is not, however, a full list of all possible equivalencies
between EAD and MARC fields and subfields.  To quote from the introduction
to this crosswalk, "...does not include all possible USMARC fiels to which
EAD elements might be mapped to generate a partial USMARC record for the
collection.; it instead focuses on the most significant and useful fields.
In addition, USMARC fields that contain coded data, such as Leader and
Directory fields, are not included, because it is unlikely that such
information would be provided in a finding aid in a format that could be
directly ported into a USMARC record (or vice versa)."  In addition, section
4.3.4 of the Application Guidelines is entitled "Sharing Data between MARC
records and EAD Finding Aids."

I hope this helps.

Steve Hensen

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> Back in June this year there was some discussion on this list of
> MARC records to SGML format using scripts available from the LC MARC SGML
> site and then using the
> transformation capabilities of XSL to convert them from MARC DTD to EAD
> Michael Fox mentioned that such techniques would be discussed in the EAD
> Application Guidelines (which I haven't read yet).
> What I need to know is where I can find a document which explicitly maps
> MARC fields/sub-fields to EAD elements.  Is there an "official" mapping
> I am overlooking, or are people just developing their own mappings for
> own projects?  If the latter, is anyone willing to share the fruits of
> labour?
> I'd be grateful for any advice.
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