Mary Alice,
Susan is fine. We did have a problem with our email server a while back,
and with our internal network connection for email.  (Some of my email
disappeared into ether as well.)  Her LC address is [log in to unmask]

She went on a vacation in late September (one week), was interrupted while
on vacation with phone calls about a new program that we are now going to
undertake, and she hasn't stopped since!

It's been busy (read crazy) for all of us trying to gear up for the next
Fellows institute, plus this new program for rural schools, and both AASL
and NCSS conferences.

Glad your program went so well.  Please tell Peter hello for me.  I'm
always interested in the kinds of questions y'all get asked at these
conferences.  They help us plan what kinds of content we need to consider
for the learning Page.  Now that we are doing workshops, those questions
tell us what kinds of workshops make sense.  If anything particular comes
to mind, please pass it along when you have time.

Have a good conference,

At 11:46 AM 11/09/1999 -0600, you wrote:
>I will not be at AASL as I will be at ClassrooM Connect in Long Beach.
>And, next week I'm doing a preso. on AM. Memory at a large conf. in Mpls.
>I also prsented at our state media conf--the evaluations on my session were
>all very, very positive and people were very excited about the Am. Memory
>Collection.  Peter Milbury will be in Long Beach and he's talkinga bout Am.
>Memory as part of one of his sessions.
>Where's Susan? Is she ok?  I sent her email; it bounced back (I used both
>addreses)  I wrote her a snail mail letter and did not hear back.  I'm
>Have a good conference!
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