Dale - As one who has been through this circle of hell,
here's what I can tell you:

Panorama - and other SGML browser/viewers can only handle
tables up to 1500 lines long. I assume you are using some type of
table structure to display your nested elements.
When we were testing our style sheets at Beinecke,
I talked with many systems people and software makers.
I finally got a response from someone who told me:
"Yeah, SGML tables can't be longer than 1500 lines -
but why would you want a table that long?"
We had to develop a work-around - splitting some series
in two or three - or declaring tables at higher <C0> levels.
And don't try to declare a table within a table -
bad things happen.

I can tell you that the internal hyperlinks (via <ref>s)
were very buggy with Panorama - sometimes the links
worked, sometimes they didn't. The best I could
guess was that links to targets within the same table wouldn't
traverse properly. However, MultiDoc Pro doesn't have this problem -
even if the link and the target are right next to each other.

Hope this helps. If you *aren't* using tables and this
is still a problem, I'd like to hear back from you.

Timothy Young
Ex Officio - EAD RoundTable, Society of American Archivists
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Yale University
New Haven, CT  06520
(203) 432-8131

At 03:57 PM 11/18/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I am wondering if anyone using Panorama has run into a similar problem?
>Panorama chooses not to display a series if there more than 700 records in
>the series.  To be more specific we have a <c02> which includes 764 <c03>s
>(We have 764 file folders in this series). Panorama will display the series
>title in the navigator, but not the information itself.  Links and <ref>s
>to the particular section simply do not work.  Yet one can search for
>material in the affected section, it just doesn't show up.  When we dropped
>the number to 670 records everything works just fine.
>I could create another sub-series for some of these records, but I don't
>really want to classify for the sake of display purposes.  I have noticed
>that all records show when we do our html conversion.
>I am really wondering if this is a problem of Panorama, or a deeper
>problem?  Any experiences like this in xml?  Any solutions to this problem
>that others have found?   Thanks.
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