I've done them as lists within a folder when I had many in a

<container><unittitle>May 1863 Correspondence</unittitle><scopecontent>
<list><did><head>May 1863 Correspondents</head></did>
<item><date><persname> to <persname> <note></item>


If each is in a single folder, perhaps as a box list with a note at the
top as to their arrangement -- chronological, etc. within the box -- so
the folder number can be by-passed except for refiling.

Check out the George perkins Marsh inventory on our web page:
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On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Katherine Hayes wrote:

> Perhaps this is not so unusual, but I'm unsure of how to tag a container
> list describing correspondence at the item level in the following manner:
> Box 1, Folder 1
> [date]                  [writer]                [recipient]
>       [information]
> 2/16/1947        John Smith           William Jones             Memorandum
> concerning business
> This is the existing order of information in an old, large finding aid
> (approx. 600 typewritten pages!).  Can it be done without rearranging the
> data? I don't really want to use the tabular tags.
> Thanks for any suggestions; I'm stumped.
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