>> Dear friends,
>> I would like to include xml tags in file images itselfs, not in
>> external EAD xml files. It is possible? how?

There are many image tools that will insert text (including SGML and XML
codes) into image files.  If you put ASCII tagged text in the comments
field of a tiff file, the text survives the conversion to jpeg and gif.

We use ImageMagick on the unix machines --

For a very early and out-of-date article on all this see:

        David Seaman: "Campus Publishing in Standardized Electronic Formats:
        HTML and TEI." in Scholarly Publishing on the Electronic Networks,

Sample ImageMagick commands are found also in

        Guidelines for SGML Text Mark-up at the Electronic Text Center:
        Illustrations <>

>>and more over, how I can we use the inserted code with the images?

I don't know of a search tool offhand that uses these pieces of text
while in the images yet, but they are of some use administratively on
the server (you can use the Unix utilities "grep" or "sgrep" to search
them) and they are of attributional value to users who think to ask to
see the comments field in the image.


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