I don't have any information to give to you but I would be very interested
in knowing if any colleges or universities have entered into this type of
agreement and the details.

Bryan Thompson
Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center
1100 23rd AV
Port Hueneme, CA  93043-4370
805 982-1124

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Subject: Contracting Federal Libraries

The contract for the federal technical information center  which I manage
expire during the first quarter of Y2K.  The current contractor is no longer
eligible to bid on the contract.  A local college has expressed an interest
bidding for  the contract.  I vaguely remember this subject being discussed
time ago and would like to hear comments from any federal library or TIC
is currently contracted by a college or university.  If there are academic
librarians that are members of this site and have shared experiences, I'd
to hear from you, too.

I am especially interested in the relationship between the federal TIC and
college/university library.  If the staff at the federal TIC is considered
to be
a faculty member are they govern by the policies/procedures of the school?
the TIC staff ever called upon to substitute for the academic staff?  Does
TIC operate as a 'branch' library?

Please address your responses directly to me unless you feel others are
interested in this subject as well.

Cheryl Martin