Announcement of Civil War Maps Collection to be Added to
American Memory

Maps documenting battles, troop movements, reconnaissance
efforts and locations of fortifications are a part of the most recent
addition to the American Memory historical collections. The
Civil War Maps collection contains approximately 2240 Civil War
maps and charts and 76 atlases and sketchbooks that are held
within the Library’s Geography and Map Division. A selection of
these maps, based on Civil War Maps: An Annotated List of
Maps and Atlases in the Library of Congress, will be made
available through American Memory. Updates will be made to
this collection on a monthly basis.

Though the large majority of these maps were created during
the time of the Civil War, a number were created afterwards to
illustrate or explain certain events or battles.  Publishers in the
North and South created maps included in this collection by both
Union and Confederate forces.  An introductory essay provides
a discussion of mapping during the Civil War highlighting
materials that are within the Geography and Map Division
of the Library.

Of special interest are maps created by Major Jedediah Hotchkiss,
a topographical engineer for the Confederate Army. Hotchkiss’s
granddaughter donated these maps to the Library of Congress
in 1948.  Generals Lee and Jackson used a number of his maps as
they planned strategy for various battles. Future updates will
include images from his notebooks, which contain detailed notes
about his various map projects. Also included are maps that were
owned by General William Tecumseh Sherman. Some of these maps,
which were donated by members of his family, document Sherman’s
military campaigns in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and the
Carolinas. Users may also be interested in maps that were created
as propaganda items to encourage support of one side or the other
during wartime and maps that were published in various newspapers.
Panoramic maps and city plans are included within the collection.

The Civil War Maps collection compliments many of the American
Memory collections currently online including the Selected Civil War
Photographs, Pioneering the Upper Midwest, California as I Saw It,
Historic American Sheet Music and the WPA Life Histories. Images
from these and other collections are used to highlight the material
within the Civil War Maps collection and to provide links to these
related collections.

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