The answer appears to be no. I just downloaded the Author/Editor ead.rls
file and opened a new document.  The tell-tale <drow> element is not
available within a <c01> element.

The use of the term tabular may be somewhat misleading.  The <table> element
and its subelements are still available in this rules file to create tabular
displays within elements  like <bioghist> and <scopecontent>.  Rather it
means that the <drow> elements and its children are not available to create
tabular presentation within a <dsc>.

Of course, if you are using XML syntax and the XSL stylesheet language to
transform and present your data as HTML, you can create tabular output in
your HTML automatically during the transformation process, without having to
explicitly hard-code your table-defining features into the finding aid
itself.    This is a simpler and cleaner approach, one that more faithfully
adheres to the SGML/XML principle of separating content markup from
presentation markup. A goal towards which we strive even if we cannot
achieve it 100%.


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> Subject:      Variant rules files for Author/Editor?
> On the EAD HELP PAGES site, in the listing of
> helper files (
> we list one set of "rls" files that can be used
> with Author/Editor. A question has come up about
> whether these rules files are created from a
> tabular or non-tabular DTD.
> I know that WordPerfect needs to have a specific
> logic file for either option. However, after looking at the
> body of the A/E rules file, it looks like the control
> over tabular-vs-non-tabular is retained in the core DTD.
> Thus - there is no need for two versions of rules files.
> Can anyone verify/comment on this?
> Thanks,
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