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Wedding Planning

                                                No. NSS 99-1
                                               December 1999


Millions of people get married each year, and usually many
hours go into the planning.  Whether the occasion is simple
or elaborate, books may be consulted to provide the guidance
needed to stage a memorable event.

Wedding customs date back to medieval times, and modern-day
couples often include them to add a different and personal
touch to their ceremony. =20

Following is a list of books that are available from NLS
library collections.   =20

Bridal Showers: 50 Great Ideas for a Perfect Shower=20
by  Sharon Dlugosch and Florence E. Nelson=20
     Emphasizes easy-to-organize parties; some can be
     incorporated into an office day or completed in one
     hour, such as the "no-sweat shower" at the fitness club
     or the "college soap opera shower."  Gives general
     planning information and suggestions for gifts,
     invitations, activities, and decorations, along with
     more than fifty specific themes.  1984
     RC 26807

Dear Abby on Planning Your Wedding
by Abigail Van Buren
     The popular advice columnist offers a practical and
     entertaining guide for today's bride and groom.=20
     Contains basic information and a variety of options
     within broad boundaries of good taste, financial
     limitations, and sensitivity to the changing family
     structure.  1988
     RC 29651

The Eternal Bliss Machine:  America's Way of Wedding
by Marcia Seligson
     A sardonic expos=82 of the American wedding, which the
     author regards as an American racket.  Seligson
     investigates marriage rituals, and she gives her views
     on the outlandish extravagances that are an entrenched
     and traditional American way of life.  1973
     RD 9706=20

Miss Manners on Painfully Proper Weddings
by Judith Martin
     Noted etiquette expert's guide to planning a wedding.=20
     Miss Manners covers such topics as the engagement, the
     invitations, the shower, the reception, menu planning,
     videotaping, the presents, communicating thanks, and
     even cancelling a wedding.  Checklists cite the chief
     duties of various wedding party members.  1995
     RC 43480

The Wedding Book:  Alternative Ways to Celebrate Marriage
by Howard Kirschenbaum and Rockwell Stensrud
     Charts the course for those who wish to move away from
     traditional ceremonies.  Includes descriptions and
     texts of actual weddings along with planning
     checklists.  [1974]
     RC 9253   BRA 13431

Wedding Readings: Centuries of Writing and Rituals on Love
and Marriage
by Eleanor C. Munro
     A collection of secular and sacred passages suitable
     for use in both Christian and Jewish weddings.  The
     selections, which can be used by the couple and their
     families to provide a personal touch to the
     celebration, include passages from wedding ceremonies,
     poetry, love songs, and classical literature.  1989
     RC 33636     BR 8743

Words for Your Wedding: The Wedding Service Book
by David Lowell Glusker and Peter Misner
    Helpful for people who wish to play an active role in
    creating their own wedding rites, this guidebook
    details the elements of the marriage service and
    describes a variety of options from which a couple can
    choose.  Focuses on ceremonies in the Protestant
    tradition, but provides special sections on Roman
    Catholic, Jewish, and "write-your-own-service"
    weddings.  1986
    BR  6807

Your Wedding, Your Way: A Guide to Contemporary Wedding
by Carol Newman
    Guide to considerations for planning personal weddings
    for young people.  1975
    BR 3112                                                =20

                                 Compiled by Joyce Y. Carter
                                    Network Services Section